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Rose Apple House


The young Siddhartha (the future Buddha) was seated by his father at a place under the cool shade of a singular rose-apple tree to be taken care of by his nurses. The nurses wandered off from the young prince  to get a look at the nearby celebration..

It was quiet and calm under the rose-apple tree, contrasting the cheerfulness of the celebration.

The conditions were right for meditation, the thoughtful prince, sat with folded legs and grabbed the chance to start the extremely critical routine with regards to purpose : fixation on the breath – breathing in, I'm aware of my in breath. Breathing out, I'm aware of my out breath. – which lead  him to  that concentration of the mind and then to peaceful abiding.

Rose Apple House is where the conditions are right for meditation, breath work, & movement in the historic Garden District in New Orleans.

Enter into the modern take of a Zen Garden walking on rich ancestral land of the Chitimacha people & open your self to the offerings of deep practitioners.

Rose Apple House
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